You might have seen a one of the old North Sea Trawler Airfix kits that have been converted by offshore radio fans to a model of the Ross Revenge. If you look at the Mels Models page you will see one of these in his workshop.

Unfortunately these kits were only around for a short time, several years ago, and despite trying several toy fairs Melvyn and I could never get hold of any more of the kits. We did once get hold of a German made North Sea Trawler which was a reasonable match to the Ross if you did not mind making some of the kit out of card plastic yourself.

Now however Revell have issued a kit of a North Sea Trawler which should be available in must Model Shops. I paid 6.99 for my kit. The shop I purchased it from claimed that the Recommended Retail price is 8.99. It probably pays to shop around.


The kit number is Revell 05204. According to the box Revell claims that the kit is aimed at model makers who can make more demanding models of over 100 pieces. I must admit that I am certainly not in the class of Melvyn or John when it comes to making models. All the ones that I made as a kid either fell to pieces or never got completed. Anyway I want a model of the Ross Revenge, I have pleaded with Melvyn several times to make me one but he always reckons that he is too busy. So I have started mine and will let you know how I get on with it.


Saturday May 1st 1999



 I managed to glue the hull together and paint it. I have made the bridge and the superstructure and painted that as well. The next step will be to put the radar aerials of the roof of the bridge. Also noticed that the ship has no transmitter hold at the Bow at present!!!!




Sunday 2nd May 1999

I have managed to fit the radar equipment on to the roof of the bridge, the railings around the ship plus the two original ships masts. The bow has been fitted so we now have somewhere to put the transmitters. There is still a bit of paint work to do plus of cause fitting the transmitter mast. I have yet to decide whether to copy the old 300 foot mast or the existing twin towers. I will have a word with Melvyn doing the week to get some ideas of what to do.


I will update this page again as and one I do some more to the model,