Radio Caroline has survived since 1964. With the advent of new technology she is now able to broadcast legally to Europe  from  Britain via the Astra 1c Satellite. To help promote this a new car sticker became available from Caroline Sales in 1999.






Caroline Sales also issued another car sticker more in keeping with the Offshore Caroline theme at the same time in 1999.




Advertised on the QVC Shopping channel. This 6 cd set features Tony Blackburn recreating the Radio Caroline sound on 1964,1965 and 1966. Features hits by groups like The Animals, Merseybeats and Yardbirds. A good idea but unfortunately what spoils this collection is some of the tracks have been re - recorded in studios that sound like your bathroom. However it is still a nice memento of the sixties era.





One of the earlier stickers from Caroline, advertising the stations first frequency and London based Caroline club





I will keep searching for more car stickers both old and new and will post them on this page as soon as possible. If you have any that I could use please email them