Since I first visited the Ross Revenge in Dover, I have taken a fair amount of video of the ship and Caroline events. With the aid of a video capture card I will put a few stills on this page from the video's.


This was the first view I got of the Ross Revenge. After seeing many photographs of her at sea, it did not seen right to see her trapped in Dover Harbour. We had travelled to Dover to go to the Caroline Birthday Party to display Melvyn's Ross Revenge Model . Albert Hood who organized the party drove us to the Docks to see the Lady. After the grounding on the Goodwin Sands she did not seem to be in the best condition. 





Whilst on board the ship we met up with quite a large gang of workers scraping the paint and generally tiding the ship up. They were in fairly good spirits as during the afternoon they had managed to get the ships engine running for the first time since her days at sea. We had a good tour of the ship and after a couple of hours on board taking lots of video and photos we returned to the party for the evening.









Melvyn with Radio Caroline Station Manager Peter Moore (Often referred to as Chairman Moore by the Current Astra Crew for his outspoken views) inspecting Melvyn's Model Of The Ross Revenge at the Caroline Party Dover.







Ernie Stephenson with Radio Caroline Presenters with Melvyn's Ross Revenge Model at Caroline Christmas Party 1992 in Bradwell Marina Club House







Ross Revenge Moored off Bradwell on 12th June 1994. This was on the last day of the Bradwell Restricted Service License.








In the afternoon Johnnie Walker came aboard to do his program on the last day. On air while we were on board were Caroline Martin and Johnny Reece.