The following pages are of a trip to the Ross Revenge, during one of the many RSL broadcasts. This one was the June 1994 broadcast from Mersea Island.


On a clear calm sunny Sunday afternoon we approach the  978 ton Ross Revenge from the stern. Our skipper slows the tender down and prepares to make one circle of the Ross Revenge







We are now preparing to go round the bow of the Ross. From this angle and being low in the sea she certainly seems to be a long monster in fact the ship is 67.61 meters long, breath of 10.39meters and draught of 5.15meter.





We are drawing along side the Ross Revenge. Time is about 1600 hours on 12th June 1994. The Ross is in a fairly good condition paint wise, apart from a small piece at the bow which still bears the scares of her many years at sea, and of course the grounding on the Goodwin Sands








As our tender nears the Ross Revenge, crew members appear on deck to welcome us.







We travelled out on the tender from Mersea with Dave Asher and Caroline Martin. Pictured here in the main Caroline studio during her  program for the RSL. 





  Picture of me in the other Caroline studio which I believe was being used to make the commercials and jingles. . This RSL also contained many spoof adverts for items including  a record set containing sound checks of  Caroline during a period when the station was off the air.








Melvyn Johnson pictured in the Caroline record library










The small studio at the stern of the ship which was used for the Caroline Overdrive programs and also the taped God Hour programs












The bridge on the Ross Revenge









The Galley on board the Ross








After being at the South East Boat Show Johnnie Walker comes aboard the Ross Revenge to do his 2200-0000 hours show on the last day of the broadcast







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