The main 50 kilo watt transmitter on board the Ross. Unfortunately the transmitter is a shade of its self after being badly vandalized by the Dutch and British Authorities during the raid.  Made by RCA Model Number BTA 50h Serial Number 101 this was a  Ampliphase type transmitter was one of only a few made all of which where used in the states. Because of this at  first it caused the station engineers a several headaches in tuning.








The optimod unit which was used in conjunction with the 50 kilo watt transmitter which processed the 963 later 819 signal. When the station first came on the air from the Ross Revenge some people claimed that using this equipment gave Caroline the best sounding signal of the AM Band










The remains of the other transmitters on board the Ross Revenge. The 10 kw 558 transmitter and the 6215khz 5 Kilowatt shortwave  transmitter used for World Mission Raid. Both made by RCA these were also badly damaged in the raid












The main engine on the Ross Revenge. Since the ship came into Dover the support group have spent several hours over hauling this piece of equipment and it is now in working condition. The engine produces 2000 horse power at 250RPM









The generator room. Ran at full capacity it is claimed it is capable of supplying enough electricity for a small town. The main broadcast generators were manufactured by German Company Man. There are two six cylinder turbo charged Man generators at about 174KVA and a turbo V12 of 500 KVA . However the ship now uses a much smaller generator for its off air needs.











 Back on deck we go to the bow of the Ross to record the view. The ship certainly looks impressive with the anchor chain in the foreground and the twin towers and guys taking up a fair bit of the space.







As the sun is disappearing under the horizon we leave the Ross Revenge and make for the marina. Still listening to her low power broadcasts until  the midnight closedown of another 28 day RSL. For the past 28 days we have caught a glimpse of how radio should be.  At least now we only have to wait for the next weekend, not several months thanks to the Astra broadcasts.