I  visited the Ross Revenge during the 2004 RSL broadcast on Wednesday 24th August 2004

At the time the station was broadcasting to the Tilbury area on 1278khz with a power of one watt, plus by sending the signal by  to Maidstone by ADSL it was also  broadcasting

"To the UK on Sky Digital ,One third of the planet on Worldspace and to the world on the Internet"




Here is the radio ship moored in the Ocean Liner Terminal.

Picture was taken from the Tilbury to Gravesend ferry





One of the RSL sponsers Asda had a banner on the bridge


John Aston broadcasting from Studio 2 on the Ross Revenge.

 This was the old Dutch studio but has been completely refitted with  a play out computer, email facilities and web cam

A studio for the digital age



Even Studio 1 has its computer


This banner gives the reason for the RSL "40 Years Of Radio Caroline"




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