Pop Went The Pirates by Keith Skues Ex offshore Deejay, now with the BBC. His book on offshore radio covers the era of offshore radio from 1964 through to the Broadcast Act of 1990.Even includes Mel's Model. Large 500 page plus book almost an encyclopaedia of offshore radio. A must buy.


Ten Days in The Life Of A Lady Simon Barrett. I think this may be out of print now but if you can get hold of one second-hand well worth the read. Tells the story of The Mi Amigo losing her anchor and drifting .Then recommencing broadcasts unaware that the ship was in British waters and the subsequent raid.


Butterfly Upon The Wheel by Caroline station manger Peter Moore,  tells an interesting story of how Radio Caroline survived through the eighties. How the new twin towers were built. An interesting book proving that offshore radio is not just plug & go. No longer in print but worth a look for this on ebay.


Offshore Radio by Gerry Bishop Detailed book of the sixties offshore radio stations. Masses of photos , station specifications and program guides.

Out of print but copies are found quite often on ebay


Also out of print is Paul Alexander Ruslings The Lid Off Laser, Well worth looking for on ebay etc, its the story of the early years of popular offshore broadcaster Laser 558 

Don't Touch That Dial Volume 1 Johnny Walker   recreating his famous 10 to midnight Radio Caroline program. A must buy

Don't Touch That Dial Volume 2 Bob Stewart recreating his Caroline days. Includes a rare Beatles recording, but unfortunately for me this now sounds corny and dated and wrecks the album

I dont know if this is still available. Have seen one or two on ebay plus I beleive there is a website selling them new. Originally from East Anglian Productions in Frinton. Andy Archer narrates the story of Radio Caroline  from the start in 1964 on a six cd set.. Contains interviews jingles adverts and snippets of programs. Covers all the major incidents in the life of the Lady

The Sound Of Big L Wonderful Radio London 1964-1967. Produced by Hans Knot this 2 CD set features various air checks  of Radio London from the early days to the final day of broadcasting.

Tony Blackburn's best songs from Radio Caroline. 102 tracks on 6 CDs of sixties hits, some unfortunately re-recorded includes jingles and intros from Tony Blackburn. This CD is no longer available new, but many have been seen for sale on ebay.



From International Waters by Mike Leonard follows the story of offshore radio from 1930 to 1990. Facts about the ships and the deejays, the dramas and the attempts by the authorities to silence the stations. Great book no longer in print. Occasionally on ebay and have seen them on Amazon Market Place for high prices

The History of the Ross Revenge is narated in a book called Records at Sea by Mike Weston. This book is available from  the Radio Caroline Society Sales website .


Also available from the Caroline Website is sixties deejays Tom Lodge book The Ship That Rocked The World. Its Tom Story of his involvement with Radio Caroline in the sixties. It covers his chamce meeting with Ronan O Rahilly through his stints on both the North & South Ships

Available from the Radio Caroline Society Sales website


Johnnie Walkers Autobiography covers his time with Caroline through the. 14th August 1967 Marine Offences Act . To the finish of the first era of Caroline. It then covers his time on Radio 1 Radio 2 and his broadcasting career in America . A recommended read.

Available from Amazon Radio Caroline Society Sales Website and most Bookstores



Moving on to a later era of Radio Caroline Long serving Nigel Harris takes up the story of his life on the Mi Amigo and the Ross Revenge.

 A dramatic tale of the cloak and dagger job of working for an Outlawed Offshore Radio Station

Available fom the Radio Caroline Society Sales Website

Shiprocked by Steve Conway starts with Steves first stints to the Ross Revenge where he was a newsreader through to the time Caroline was off the air due to the the 1990 Broadcast Act becoming law shortage of food and other supplies which ended with the Ship going aground on the Goodwin Sands. Read Steves first hand story of this frightening event.