Surfing around the net I have noticed several QSL cards from the offshore radio stations. I have reproduced them on this page. I hope the owners do not object if you do please e-mail me and I will remove them.




From the Fort Based Radio Station Radio Essex.






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Two cards featured from the seventies offshore  station Radio Northsea International   




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Radio London









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Not exactly a QSL Card, but a card with Offshore Radio Connections. The mv Yeoman Rose off Frinton On Sea for 28 day RSL 18/7/97 -14/8/97 commemorating the closedown of Radio London on 14/8/67







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This Britain Radio QSL card is featured on a web site with about a dozen offshore radio cards. The site also has some recordings of the stations. Well worth a visit.






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This Radio 390 card came from the same web site. Looking at these I just wish I was old enough in the sixties to know about QSLing.







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QSL From

Radio Caroline North










From the Dutch Offshore Radio Station that started out on Caroline's Mi Amigo and finished life on its own ship  The Jeannine.





If you have any Offshore Radio QSL Cards I could use on this page please