wpe21.jpg (5136 bytes)The Pop Pirates Game is another one of Melvyn's finds. It is a board game rather like monopoly but instead of buying and selling property, this one is all about offshore radio, First you have to buy the ship, then equip it with transmitters, studios etc and once it is fully equipped you have to sail it into International Waters and start broadcasting. Its a pity we can not replace Estate Agents in the High Street with Offshore Radio suppliers like this game does, Certainly would make the world a better place. Just think of all the lovely sea going trips the men from the ministry could have in the summer at our expense!  Once at sea the battle for survival begins. Deejays have to be recruited. Most of the famous 60`s offshore presenters are represented by a card. The aim is now to  broadcast good programs, since large audiences come from regular and enjoyable programs. Large audiences mean advertising contracts.

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These are the yellow cards on the right. The more advertising the more secure the station is. No advertising you go bankrupt. If the BBC worked on these grounds they would have been bust years ago Most of the well known advertisers from the offshore days of the sixties have an advertising card.




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The full layout, showing the board money advertising & deejay cards. The blue cards are the radio ship cards. These have to be filled with equipment before progressing.



We do not know the origin of this game. In fact several well known offshore radio people from the sixties have never seen it. If you know any of its history please send me an email