The main studio on board the Ross does not seem to change. Still if the equipment works ok keep it. On the mixer you can see some post its with various prompts one being the top of the hour announcement 

"Live from Southend Pier This is Radio Caroline on 1503khz"








The record library still proudly supporting the vinyl album. The records in this collection weigh a massive 2 tons.

Despite this library of vinyl most of the music broadcast on the satellite service from Maidstone, Kent is on Mini Disc.





It is nice to see that some time has been spent labeling some of the items on board the ship so the visitor is able to get more idea of what certain things did during  the sea broadcasting days. This generator supplied the power for the main 50kw transmitter, Two generators were fitted on board the ship in Spain, and a third at sea when the station was thinking of installing a second 50kw transmitter. Unfortunately this never happened as history will recall.









One of The Ross's Crew, demonstrating the size of the power output valves that were used in the 50KW transmitter, before it was wrecked during the raid.













Despite the broadcast in Southend being low power compared to the North Sea Broadcasts, the Optimod unit is still being used to enhance the audio quality of the broadcasts.













The cabinet housing the small transmitter used for the Southend Broadcast. Plus various pieces of test equipment











On this page are a few of about 100 photos I shot during an enjoyable few hours on board. I hope that you enjoy these pages as much as I did my visit.