In this section I will try and bring some newspaper cuttings of events relating to Caroline. I will not put endless rumour cuttings on here there have been quite a few of those. I will try to put a few once in a lifetime published articles i.e. Radio Authority Boards Astra 1c to silence Caroline. With regard to copyright when we done a small book most newspapers were happy with just an acknowledgement of where the article came from as many are now several years old. However if anybody objects that their article is on here and they don't like it please email me  and I will remove it.


To start this page the first item comes from a supplement called The Great Trawlers Of Grimsby. It was published 28/9/1996 by Grimsby and Scunthorpe Newspapers Ltd


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The article with the picture states that the Ross Group bought the Icelandic Trawler Freyr in August 1963. She was the worlds largest conventional trawler. On arrival at Grimsby the Ross Group renamed her Ross Revenge. She holds the World Record for the biggest catch, in 1976 she landed a catch of 3,000 kits of Icelandic cod at Grimsby which sold for a world record price of 75,597. However due to extended limits, dwindling catches, quotas and foreign imports it was becoming uneconomic to use such a large  trawler.(987 ton 210 feet long) In 1979 she was sold and reappeared in the North Sea in 1983 as the new floating home of Radio Caroline. She should have gained another record during her early days as a radio ship, being that her 300 foot tower was the largest mast on any ship in the world. However the Guinness Book Of Records would not allow the entry as they deemed Radio Caroline an illegal operation.  


 Thirty Years ago from the Daily Mirror 21/3/1980

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The article began "RADIO CAROLINE", the pirate pop station the Government could not silence, was finally sunk yesterday the sea. Gale-lashed waves forced the station's base ship from its moorings off the Essex Coast and onto a sandbank in the Thames estuary. Then the huge rollers lifted the 350 ton Mi Amigo off the bank and it vanished in 25ft of water. Minutes before the Mi Amigo went down the stations four disc jockeys and their pet canary were rescued by a lifeboat" The full page article then went on to describe the events leading up to the sinking and the rescue which took 12 attempts by a lifeboat before it could get near enough to the Mi Amigo to rescue the crew.




This one is from the Daily Telegraph dated 15th June 2000. It is about the ex naval fort which has been declared the state of Sealand by its occupiers Prince Roy and Princess Joan. 

Originally built during the Second World War to protect Britain from the German Bombers, this fort in the Thames Estuary has stood abandon after the war, until 1964 when during the offshore radio boom of the sixties they became occupied by the offshore broadcasters . Being six miles off the coast and therefore beyond the 3 mile limit these forts made an ideal platform for the offshore broadcaster. Although access to the Towers could be dangerous they cheaper to run than their ship borne sisters . The broadcasts from these forts closed after the Marine Offences Act of 14th August 1967 , but on September 2nd 1967 Prince Roy  installed himself on Sealand and began issuing stamps and passports etc and declared the fort a country. The British Government would not accept the sovereignty of Sealand and in 1968 the Ministry Of Defence tried the repel the boarders.

However Prince Roy has remained on the tower since then and despite several rumours of radio stations planning to use the tower, claiming it to be outside British Jurisdiction (a fact hotly disputed by the British Government as with the increase of territorial waters to 12 miles it is claimed the tower is now in British waters ) nothing has happened until now.

With the backing of  several American Companies they are building an offshore computer centre, that will house web servers etc in a secure location away from the eyes of government snoops . The article states that Prince Roy has a 16.5 per cent stake in the company Haven Co, which claims to have raised 2.1million in venture capital. 

However at present despite not recognizing Sealand as a state the British Authorities seem to have adopted a wait and see attitude what is happening on the fort. No body seems to know for sure whether events like the MOA or Euroseige will repeat themselves in the near future.


The Haunted Lady

Newscutting of the ghost that is said to haunt the Radio Caroline Ship Ross Revenge.

 Apparently while at sea the ghost would appear as a warning before a dangerous event occured.

Quite how Tony Blackburn got his picture on the cutting as he never had the bottle to broadcast from the Ross Revenge.

I am sorry that I can not include all the text from these cuttings, but they are very resource hungry and would take an age to download.

If you have an rare newspaper cuttings on Caroline please Email it to me

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