The first time I saw the Ross Revenge was in Dover . It was the Saturday of the Easter Weekend 1992. Since then I have visited the ship on several occasions, plus attended some of the Caroline Christmas & Easter parties.

Here are some photographs I have taken over the past few years.

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This photo was taken at Eaton Park, Norwich. It was during the filming of the Anglia Television Documentary on Offshore Radio Called "Rocking The Boat". Pictured here are Offshore Deejays Mark Roman, Andy Archer & Keith Newton. In the back ground is Melvyn Johnson & his model of the Ross Revenge which was also featured in the program.


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Probably one of , if not the most famous Caroline Deejay Johnny Walker. Pictured on board the Ross Revenge in May 1994, during the last day of a Restricted Service Broadcast from Bradwell. The station were operating on 87.7 FM







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When you first go on board the Ross. Everybody seems to want a photograph taken in the studio. Here's mine whilst the ship is in Dover Easter 1993






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The Fortunes famous for the "Caroline" Theme amongst many other hits seen here with Melvyn  Johnson in front of his model of the Ross Revenge during a Sixties Night in Methwold, Norfolk








Radio Caroline Shop on Clacton Pier during the Clacton RSL Broadcast in 1995









Impounded in Dover. Picture taken from the bridge of the Ross Revenge , towards Dover Castle when she was imprisoned in the Granville Docks. April 1993