Radio Caroline   The official Radio Caroline website for the latest news, tour the ship, listen to the real audio programs, and support the station by purchasing tapes, tee shirts etc. Join the Caroline Club to help finance the satellite broadcasts.

  The definitive site for Offshore Radio on the net. Contains many articles of watery wireless past and present includes the best Link Page on the web for offshore radio sites. If your site is not listed on this site its about time you made sure it is,

Ross Revenge  Nice web site of the most famous ship in the world the Ross Revenge, Contains details of the recent Tilbury RSL, A tour of the ship, plus details of work being carried out on board.

Offshore Echos   Offshore Echo's Web Site

Norman Barington   Norman Barrington's Radio Pages. Excellent site from Ex Caroline Deejay and Engineer, Good Photo Page, plus many jingles.

 QSL CardsBrilliant web page filled with QSL Cards and sounds of the offshore eras


Hall Of Fame Nice web site devoted to the "stars" of offshore radio, the deejays. All listed in alphabetical order. Well worth a visit.

Radio London Web site dedicated to Radio London. From the days of the ship borne station to current. Includes nearly everything you require on Radio London.

Jerry Wright Radio Caroline Deejay Jerry Wrights Web Page, with details of his Career, Photos etc.

Harwich Museum Web site of the National Wireless Museum in Harwich, Essex. This museum covers the history of radio from the earliest days to present. Includes a room on offshore radio with radios, posters, and rarities from the sixties offshore era.

 BIG L Web site of Internet Radio Station Big L

Rounds & Sounds Web site from Caroline DJ Johnny Lewis. Contains items on The Mi Amigo, Ross Revenge, Laser 558,