My thanks go to Chris Archer who kindly emailed these QSL Cards for me to use on this page






Radio Caroline/Mi Amigo Card which features the Legendary MV Mi Amigo























                                   This is certainly a unique fun card from Radio Nordzee International



Probably after Caroline and London the most remembered offshore radio station was RNI. Coming on air in 1970 from the Multi Coloured Mebo 2, the station soon gained a large audience despite technical problems and jamming by the British Government.

Since 1968 British Radio had gone back to its normal bland self. The Caroline ships had been towed to Holland, and the legal replacement Radio One was certainly not a substitute. It consisted of Jimmy Young's recipes and singing in the morning, and very few top twenty records were played.  

Radio Northsea International bought the sparkle back to British radio. Radio Northsea joined Radio Veronica off the Dutch Coast and for the next few years with Radio Atlantis, Capital Radio and the return of Radio Caroline the Dutch era of offshore radio was in full swing.




Chris kindly scanned the back of the Radio Northsea International Card, signed by engineer Robin Banks the card shows details of the transmitters and antennas used on the Mebo 2.The Mebo 2 was the only radio ship broadcasting from the Northsea using FM. At that time in 1973 FM broadcasting was not as widespread as it is today. In Norwich you could hear Radio North Sea International's FM signal a couple of MHZ away from the local Police. Now the FM band has extended to 108mhz and the Police are using frequencies in the UHF Band scrambled by the Tetra system.