This Banner was photographed in Clacton on the Royal Hotel during the August 1995 Restricted Service Broadcast



The famous Caroline Rock was revived during the Clacton Broadcast. It was available on the pier, plus at The Harwich Lighthouse








Radio Caroline Boat Trips being advertised on Clacton On Sea Pier.

Unfortunately the day I went there the Sea was stormy and no trips were ran









This was the first picture that was released of the newly refitted Ross Revenge arriving in the North Sea






Video Capture from Sky News feature on Radio Caroline arriving in London. Here is Johnnie Walker living his famous "Mans fight for Freedom" with Caroline Sailing Up The Thames To London to Broadcast . The feature lased about 5 minutes but unfortunately I lent the tape out and it was never returned 







Yet another restricted service broadcast. This one is from Queensborough, On The Isle Of Sheppy Kent where the Ross Revenge has been anchored since her dry docking at Chatham after the London RSL. She is due to move from this mooring in June 1999 to Southend On Sea, Essex for the Summer. 









Yet another restricted service broadcast. This one is advertising the visit of the ship in 1999 to Southend.

The Ross spent the summer at the end of the pier and did a broadcast on 1503khz for 28 days. At weekends this service rebroadcast the Astra 1c Pan European service







  Worldspace Radio  Portable radio satellite system using the Afristar satellite , In 2002 Radio Caroline started broadcasting on this system.  At first the transmissions were free to receive. It then went to a pay system and codes had to be punched into the keyboard. Quite a good system at the time to receive Caroline mobile.  I used to use mine with the dish on the back parcel shelf in the car. Unfortunately Worldspace went bankrupt in 2008 and Carolines transmissions from Afristar ceased.




A Caroline Car Sticker from the 1990s. Although the station has not broadcast 24hours per day since 1990, her listeners still regard her as number 1 









A new item that got issued in 1999.The Radio Caroline Mouse mat. Currently available from Radio Caroline for five pounds certainly brightens out the computer room.










We Love The Pirates 45rpm record released whilst the Marine Offences Act was going through parliament in support of the offshore stations





The Caroline Monster Car Sticker which was given heavy advertising on the air, during the eighties.

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