Just days after I published the page on this site about Johns Mi Amigo. , I met Melvyn Johnson in the local shops. He told me that he was working on a model of the Mi Amigo too.


Mels Mi Amigo is being make entirely of Balsa wood, and he has been working on the model for the past 15 months

This is a picture of the bridge under construction. Melvyn has cut the doors and port holes in the bridge by comparing it with photographs to make it as near to the lady as possible. The windows are to be glazed in clear plastic.





Here Melvyn is soak testing the model in the bathroom, to make sure  she does not take in water and also is stable enough to take the superstructure and aerial system. The model is to be radio controlled and will also have a walkman and amplified speakers like the Ross Revenge model although they will have to be slightly smaller




This is the superstructure taking shape, again Melvyn is working off photos for the position of the port holes and doorways.





The bridge and the superstructure are now fitted to the hull. The hull has been painted a rusty red, like the lady was in her later days




Latest News

March 15th 1999

The model has had both the ship and station name painted on it.

The aerial mast has been made and fitted to the ship.


Melvyn says that he is only 50 per cent through the project.





If you are building a model of a radio ship and would like it featured on this page please email me details.