As well as making models Melvyn has spent several hours drawing and on this page we feature some of his offshore related drawings.






A cartoon type sketch of the events of 24th December 1999 when the Ross Revenge broke from her moorings on the River Medway and went aground













Broadcasting to United Kingdom &Europe

from the Astra Satellite 1c this is Radio Caroline











The Ross Revenge in Southend August 1999







Melvyns drawing of the Frederica leaving Greenore in 1964 and sailing to three miles off the coast of Felixstowe to commence broadcasting. Little did the crew know what they were starting and few would have thought that Caroline would still be on the air in 2000. Melvyn has several of these prints for sale. Printed on card in A3 SIze. For details please email










                          At present Melvyn is working on another painting   of the Ross Revenge. Viewed as seen by the tender approaching the radio ship