After doing the page on Melvyn Johnson's Ross Revenge Model, I received an interesting Email from John Platt. Apparently John has made a model of the Radio London Galaxy and is now working on the longest serving Caroline Ship the Mi Amigo.







John says in his email that he obtained plans of the Bon Jour some years ago and intends to build the Mi Amigo right down to the last rivet and piece of rust. His model will also be radio controlled . I reckon one of these days with all these models about a boating lake is going to look like the Essex coast did in the 60`s. Anybody building a fort?





As you can see by these pictures John is certainly making a good job of this model, but he needs some help in doing the fixtures & fittings . John would like to contact any ex staff or anybody who visited the ship to help him with descriptions of parts of the exterior fittings. if possible any photographs would be appreciated. If you have any information which could help John please send him an email 

Email John at














John also supplied me with this picture of the Radio London Model he made. Unfortunately he lost the model when it sunk. Not to be outdone by the elements he is having another go

See Below













All the above photographs supplied by John. I would like to thank him for his interest in my site, and wish him the best in completing his models.