The High Lighthouse in Harwich houses a interesting museum. It is The National Wireless and Vintage Television Museum. As you go up the various floors in the Lighthouse you go further back in time viewing the history of radio, However the floor which interested me was the ground floor. This was taken over by items from the offshore era .






Some of the items on display at Harwich Lighthouse. Unfortunately my flashgun played havoc with the glass covered items.









This radio was claimed to have been used in Caroline House, in London to monitor the first broadcasts from the Frederica during the Easter period 1964.


It is an interesting piece of equipment but to me seem to date back further than 1964.








This microphone is said to be the first microphone used by Radio Caroline. I wonder what the total number of microphones used by the station amount to at the present







From the sixties comes the famous Radio Caroline Holdall with the bell logo and the original 199 meters frequency. I have been trying to get one of these for ages, so if you have one and want to get rid of it please send me an email.







One of the walls in the museum is absolutely covered with photos and items from the offshore era. In this section you can see an original I Love Caroline On One-Nine-Nine sticker. A Caroline Club Lapel badge and various photos of the ships and disc jockeys








One of several books in the museum. I believe that this was published in 1965. Note the price of 2/6 . It seems cheap now but was a fair bit of money in those days. Although a fair bit less than the 6/8 that was charged for a single record in that year.