The offshore radio stations and their supporters club issued many souvenirs and car stickers. When I was young I remember plastering my bedroom wall with Caroline and London stickers, while my mates were putting Sandie Shaw on theirs.

Unfortunately a couple of moves of house and most of these things have gone astray. I believe we have all had a time in our life when we thought that offshore radio was gone. Then up sprang a Radio Northsea, a Laser or Caroline reappeared from nowhere, and we wish we had never threw those books, those stickers etc. away. I suppose that is why dealers make so much money, just go round any toy fair and that Matchbox toy you threw at the kid next door, in mint condition could fetch you 50 plus now. Anyway here are a few odds and ends, I have found and I will look around the house for some more.

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Issued in 1965 The Radio Caroline Annual was published by World Distributors (Manchester) Ltd.

It has articles on the Caroline Ships, the deejays and a fair chunk of the book is taken up by the articles on the pop groups of the day.








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This is a bit more up to date. When Caroline anchored off the coast of Clacton for the RSL this poster seemed to be all over the place. It seemed to recreate the feeling of the sixties .Lay on the beach and listen to Caroline while being able to see her at the end of the pier.

Unfortunately the day I went they could not run any trips due to rough sea. It was also misty so the ship was very hard to see, but the day was still warm enough to lay on the beach. For the 28 days of the broadcast Melvyn and I would take a radio and loop frame aerial to Lowestoft beach and listen to the station. Some mornings we could ever pick it up in the centre of Norwich.







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This must be the most famous of the offshore radio magazines that went the rounds. Edited by Buster Pearson this contained all you needed to know about Caroline. All the deejays air time was carefully logged to the hour.

As you can see this is the edition that celebrated the return of Radio Caroline to the air .







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Another famous publication, unfortunately the cover story is not so good as the one above. It covers the raid of the Ross Revenge by the Dutch & The British Governments.

The Caroline Movement magazine always seemed like a bus service, you saw nothing for months then two showed up at once. Anyway it was a classic magazine and when it did come through the door I was kept occupied for several hours.








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The famous Caroline Card


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Small Souvenir Presented to Melvyn for displaying his model at Caroline Classic Car Show. This was on final day of the Bradwell RSL





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Original Caroline Single by The Fortunes ,well worn unfortunately. I took ages to get an original version on CD. Most of the Fortunes Hits albums seem to have been re-recorded, Finally found it on CD called  Pop Inside The 60`s Volume 2 on See For Miles Records No SEECD 399






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Johnnie Walker Kiss In The Car Tax Disc. They were first issued in the sixties for a spot on the Johnnie Walker 10 to Midnight Show on Caroline South. On the back of the licence it read "This licence is valid until January 1998 and entities the holder(s) to kiss-in-the-car providing the occupants are listening to the Johnnie Walker Show on Radio Caroline South. NOT TRANSFERABLE

This one was reissued for he Clacton On Sea RSL .




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The famous Radio Caroline Poster of the seventies featuring the Mi Amigo which unfortunately  sunk 19 years ago on 20th March 1980







Car Sticker from the golden days of Caroline from the Ross Revenge when she was putting out a good signal on two frequencies 576/963. Not forgetting World Mission Radio on 6210. Also Laser was on 558khz at that time. Was this the last offshore radio boom?







Two of the many different Caroline Badges that were about in the Offshore Era. The one on the left features the Mi Amigo, and the famous bell logo is on the other.


 More Memories


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If you have any Caroline Memories you would like me to include .